Vinegar & Glitter (ixtoh) wrote in sammieland,
Vinegar & Glitter

Imagination movers

I was reading one of Scott's tweets outloud to J, when Sammie pops up behind me and says, "that's the man Clammy saw!"
She proceeds to make up this long story about Scott, who is also called Smitty, or Rich, or Dave. From the Imagination Movers, a show (I guess) that I've never seen. I tell her that maybe it was a different Scott. There are lots of people in the world named Scott. Why, Sammie, did you know that Harrison's middle name is Scott? She assures me she knew, but I don't believe her. She just keeps on telling me her story.
"Well, Sammie, I'm talking about Scott G. He rides a bike."
"Yes! That's the one that Clammy SAW! On his BIKE!"

That Clammy sure gets around...
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