Vinegar & Glitter (ixtoh) wrote in sammieland,
Vinegar & Glitter


J: You are being entirely too silly, and not doing what I said.
Me: Sam, please pay attention and do what your father asked you to do.
[Which, in this case, is to get ready to go to bed]
Sammie: I'm, uhm. Cleaning up. Because this place is a DI-SAS-TER.
J: Well, you helped create that. You are the Princess of Disaster.
Sammie: Actually I'm the Princess of Cleaning Up.

As she's cleaning up, she's carrying something on her back.
Sammie: I'm like a turtle!
J: Yes, you're like a turtle, in that you keep... making similes.
[Possibly making a reference to Penny Arcade. I know it's what *I* thought about]
At which point, Sammie, COMPLETELY UNAWARE of the existence of the above mentioned comic, says...
Sammie: Yeah, because I'm BIG AS A SHARK.


She's awesome.
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