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Things inherited - Tastes

Yesterday, when I picked her up from school, girl's eyes were firmly fixed on this one guy helping kids onto the cars. Good-looking guy. I mean, you know. MEOWRR. Rock star hair down to his shoulders, rock star shades, cool attitude, right up my alley. Child could not keep her eyes off of him, kept trying to get his attention to say bye.

Today they're having their little Valentine's day thing, exchanging cards, all that jazz. She made a card for a certain Mr. H. and we couldn't talk her out of taking the card to school with her. Glitter, glue, drawings.

I had to ask.

Me: Does Mr. H. have long hair?
Sammie: Yes. I mean, no. His hair is like Grandpa's. [Grandpa does not have long hair, not even close]
J: Is he your gym teacher?
Sammie: No. I don't have any classes with him. He just says hi to me sometimes.
Me: Was he the guy helping the car-riders yesterday?
Sammie: No.

I told J the story about the long-haired guy, and how Sammie must have inherited my taste in guys.

J: Well, obviously. While she can't keep her eyes off the long-haired guy, she's giving a Valentine to someone who looks like Grandpa.

Tru dat.

Tru dat.
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